Day 6: Groceries, Birthdays, and Camp Supplies

Today was somewhat of a laid back day.  Our community contact came to see us this morning and we were able to pick up all of our camp supplies from the education office.  We have a box of XO laptops, a duffle bag full of craft supplies, and three boxes full of books.  Our living room floor is currently a disaster, but it has been fun sorting through all of the books and brainstorming ideas for how to use our craft supplies.  The boxes of books even included a copy of The Artist by John Bianchi, which was one of my favourite books as a child, so that definitely made me smile!

We were also finally successful in making a trip to the Northern Store.  Not everything was as over-priced as I had been told to expect, but prices were certainly higher overall than what I am used to.

Some highlights from my first grocery bill:

Small Jar of Peanut Butter: $4.99
Pasta Sauce: $5.69
Bag of Apples: $9.69
Bananas: $7.55
Strawberries: $6.69
3 Peppers: $8.25
Tomatoes: $5.49
Small Block of Cheese: $6.85
Frozen Ground Beef: $15.89

After we dropped off our groceries (a lady was kind enough to offer us a ride when she saw us struggling to carry all of our groceries in the heat – everyone here has been very friendly to us so far), we decorated a birthday card for the daughter of the nurse that we met yesterday.  She was having a birthday party and invited us along.  We figured it would be a good chance to get to know some of the kids in the community (and give us something to do other than sit in our overheated house all afternoon).  We were somewhat apprehensive about showing up at a birthday party for a child that we barely knew, but the kids there could not have cared less that they had never met us before.  They just seemed excited that we wanted to play with them.  Two of the little girls even asked us to walk them home after the party and they kept us entertained stopping to look at tadpoles along the way!

The rest of the day was spent napping, playing bananagrams, and making lists of the different things that we will need to do over the next few days before camp registration begins.  There is a lot to do, but the heat made it difficult to accomplish much today.

Even though we have great access to internet, I have made a conscious decision to keep my phone turned off during the day when I do not need to be using it.  I also do not plan on posting daily updates for the rest of the summer (that would most definitely bore anyone who happens to be reading this).  I want to spend as much time as I can fully engaged in this experience, since I know that the time will really start to fly by once camp starts.  That being said, I obviously want to spend some time reflecting and writing along the way.

Until next time, goodnight!

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